quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2022

In Spain, soaring prices fuel growing social unrest

A lorry drivers’ strike, mass protests by farmers and fishermen, industrial production stoppages: record inflation levels have fuelled growing anger with Spain’s left-wing government as energy prices go through the roof.

After a weekend which saw tens of thousands hit the streets, demonstrators were to head out again on Wednesday evening for further rallies.

Under the slogan: “Rein in prices, protect jobs, stop the deterioration in living conditions”, the action has been called by Spain’s top unions, UGT and the CCOO Workers Committees.

Backed by consumer groups, the unrest comes as Spain saw consumer prices surge to their highest level in almost 35 years, with inflation jumping to 7.6% in February, against a backdrop of soaring energy costs, worsened by the war in Ukraine. Ler mais

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